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Dan Meadors – Amazon Wholesale

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Amazon Wholesaling business with Dan Meadors, a multi-million-dollar Amazon seller and co-founder of The Wholesale Formula. Dan shares his entrepreneurial story, from a full-time job to a side-hustle doing retail arbitrage, to then launching their own small business. He is now focused on helping others start and operate successful Amazon wholesale businesses, and on this episode (starting at 18:39) he shares some of the techniques he teaches. Dan also explains the differences between retail arbitrage, private label, and wholesaling.

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Dan Meadors is a multi-million-dollar Amazon seller and co-founder of The Wholesale Formula. Dan has mastered the Amazon marketplace, growing his own business to over $17 million in sales. He’s passionate about sharing his knowledge with others who are just as driven as he. Dan and his team of experts now dedicate their time to teaching others how to grow and scale their own wholesale-based, Amazon businesses. Dan’s students have ranged from those with little or no Amazon experience to Amazon veterans who were able to take their business to the next level. Under Dan’s guidance, students of The Wholesale Formula have collectively sold over half a billion dollars’ worth of products on Amazon, and he’s here to share his formula with us.

Dan lives in Corbin, Kentucky.


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