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Richard Keller Interview – Creativity & Productivity

Episode Description:

In this episode we interview Richard Keller, an entrepreneur, author, and podcaster. Richard shares his interesting journey, his struggles with depression, and his insights on the creative process and productivity to help you grow your small business.

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Richard KellerRichard is an author, broadcaster, humorist, publisher, and avid napper. Richard has written over 3,000 articles, essays, and blogs over a 30-year writing career which started when he was a 16-year-old stringer for a local newspaper. He began Wooden Pants Publishing in 2014 after an uncomfortable situation with another publisher. Since then, Wooden Pants has produced several best-selling books and introduced the world to a batch of new authors.

This year he expanded the company to cover media and produce two podcasts: The Leap and The Daily Author. The Leap interviews people who have made creative and major life leaps while The Daily Author is a Monday-Friday program highlighting authors of all genres.

Richard makes his home in Northern Colorado with his wife and five children.

Show Notes:

  • Richard Keller got his start writing for a local newspaper.
  • Richard talks about his experience in radio and how it helped him with starting his own small business.
  • Richard goes into detail about how his writing helped him become more creative and productive.
  • Richard tells about how his writing practice snowballed into his own publishing company: Wooden Pants.
  • Richard considers himself a “Parallel Entrepreneur.” He manages multiple businesses at the same time.
  • Richard shares how his creativity in his business helped him overcome his depression
  • Henry and Richard talk about fear and how every entrepreneur has it. They talk about how to deal with the fear of entrepreneurship.
  • How can tapping into your creativity help you in your small business?
  • Why is it important as a business owner to have alone time?
  • “Everybody is creative, just on different levels.”
  • Richard explains ways to identify your goals and how to achieve them.
  • Richard stresses patience in the entrepreneur world.
  • “You have to invest in yourself.”
  • “You have to invest in what you want to do.”


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