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Rob Kosberg Interview – Writing & Publishing Your Book

Episode Description:

In this episode we interview Rob Kosbergan entrepreneur, author, and founder of Best Seller Publishing – helping people write, publish and promote their books. He shares his personal story, from early success in the corporate world and small business ownership, to significant business failures in 2008, and then writing a book and reestablishing himself as a highly successful entrepreneur.

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Rob KosbergRob is an entrepreneur, speaker, business growth expert, a two-time best selling author and publisher. He is the founder of Best Seller Publishing (the publisher of Best Selling Books in 23 different industries). They have successfully marketed over 200 Authors to Best Seller status, and he is also a former Syndicated Radio Show Host.

Rob started his career in the corporate world, developed a real estate business, overcame the setback of the 2008 financial crisis, and currently owns a highly successful business.

He lives in Southern California, and is originally from Florida.

Show Notes:


  • Rob studied Political Science in college, and had aspirations of becoming an attorney. In college, he also worked in real estate with his father’s brokerage. He got his real estate license at age 18.
  • He enjoyed a successful corporate career before starting his first business in the real estate and mortgage industry. He explains what led him to leave his job and venture on his own.
  • Rob shares the influence his family had on his business life, and the challenges of working with and for his father.
  • He built successful businesses in real estate and financial services, and then experienced significant failures during the financial crisis of 2008. Rob shares the tremendous challenges he faced with the failures of his real estate businesses, and how he overcame these business failures.
  • In 2009, he published his first book: “Life After Debt: Practical Solutions To Get Out of Debt, Build Wealth, And Radically Transform Your Finances Forever!”
  • Despite the failures he faced in 2009, and having his confidence in his abilities shaken, he continued to understand the value of: “Build something for myself, rather than for somebody else.” His book helped to positioned Rob as the “alpha in his marketplace.”
  • “Keep taking imperfect action.”
  • Through his company, Best Seller Publishing, he helps entrepreneurs and other professionals through the process of writing, publishing and promoting a book.
  • Rob introduces their P3 Program – Problem, Process, Promotion. They help their clients through this process to successfully publish a book.
  • Rob credits his ability to adapt to change, his positive mindset and morning routines in part for his success in life and business.


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