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These episodes of The How of Business podcast are on the topic of Marketing. Helping you brand, market and advertise your small business…

Episode 237: Emily Soccorsy & Justin Foster
 Emily Soccorsy & Justin Foster - Telling Your Brand Story
Episode Description: Telling Your Small Business Brand Story (17:37), with branding experts Emily Soccorsy & Justin Foster. Emily and Justin are the co-founders of the branding practice Root + River. They share their entrepreneurial journeys and then we ...
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Episode 234: Steve Gordon
Steve Gordon - Services Business Marketing
Episode Description: Get FREE Resources from Steve: Free Downloads Marketing for Services Businesses (10:55) with Steve Gordon. Steve is a bestselling author and the founder of The Unstoppable CEO and host of The Unstoppable CEO Podcast. His firm helps services business entrepreneurs create leverage ...
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Jason Hsiao
Jason Hsiao Interview - Video Marketing
Episode Description: Video Marketing with Jason Hsiao, an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Animoto - an award-winning online video maker that makes it easy for anyone to create professional-quality marketing videos. Jason shares why and how he left his corporate job to ...
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Episode 214: Louis Gudema
Louis Gudema - Bullseye Marketing for Small Business 
Episode Description: Bullseye Marketing strategies for small business with Louis Gudema, an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, keynote speaker, and author. He shares his entrepreneurial journey, and then we discuss highlights from his new book, "Bullseye Marketing - How to Grow Your Business ...
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Michelle Evans
Michelle Evans - Strategic Marketing Funnels 
Episode Description: Strategic Marketing Funnels with Michelle Evans, an entrepreneur, marketing expert and podcaster. She helps her small business clients develop their effective Strategic Marketing Funnels, and in this episode she breaks this down step by step. Michelle also shares how she transitioned ...
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Episode 204: George Kao
George Kao - Authentic Content Marketing
Episode Description: Authentic Content Marketing for solopreneurs and small business owners with George Kao, an entrepreneur and trusted conscious marketing adviser. George shares his journey from traditional online marketer, to his current authentic approach to online marketing and helping people through coaching and ...
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Nicole Holland
Nicole Holland - On-Line Messaging
Episode Description: On-Line Messaging for small business with Nicole Holland, an entrepreneur, on-line marketing expert, and recognized authority on podcast guesting. She shares her unique and challenging journey, from dropping out of high school and quitting her correctional officer job, to becoming a popular ...
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Allan Dib
Allan Dib - 1-Page Marketing Plan
Episode Description: SPECIAL OFFER: FREE Website Audit - Get your website score! 1-Page Marketing Plan for small business with Allan Dib, a serial entrepreneur, marketing and technology expert, business coach, and author. He shares his background and his practical approach to marketing for small ...
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Josh Elledge
Josh Elledge - Influence & Authority
Episode Description: Building Influence and Authority with Josh Elledge, a serial entrepreneur and an expert on using influence and authority to grow a small business. Josh shares his long journey to success as a small business owner, and tips & advice on how ...
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Marc Guberti
Marc Guberti - Young Entrepreneurship & Online Marketing
Episode Description: Online Marketing with Marc Guberti, a young entrepreneur and online marketing expert. He shares his story of entrepreneurship at an early age, and specific tips for online marketing for small business owners. SPECIAL OFFERS:
Jesse Cole
Jesse Cole - Stand Out & Get Noticed!
Episode Description: How to stand out and get noticed with Jesse Cole, owner of two college summer baseball league teams, author, speaker, and an expert on standing out and getting noticed to grow your small business. Instead of traditional marketing methods, ...
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Pia Silva
Pia Silva - Badass Your Brand!
Episode Description: Branding with Pia Silva, an entrepreneur and author. She helps service business owners improve their branding to grow their business. Pia shares her personal entrepreneurial journey, and her insights on building what she calls a "Badass" Brand for ...
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Episode 176: Tabitha Carro
Tabitha Carro - Smart Phone Marketing
Episode Description: Smart Phone Marketing with Tabitha Carro, a former school teacher turned small business owner. She shares her experiences transitioning from her full-time teaching job, to selling teaching aids on the side, and then developing her smart-phone marketing business. Tabitha shares ...
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Melissa Forziat
Melissa Forziat Interview - Marketing On A Tight Budget
Episode Description: Small business marketing on a budget with Melissa Forziat, an entrepreneur, marketing consultant, event planner, and founder of Melissa Forziat Events & Marketing. She shares her interesting journey, from gymnast to small business owner. She shares specific ...
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Nate Smith
Nate Smith - Online Sales Funnels 
Episode Description: Online Sales Funnels with Nate Smith, a business owner and online marketing expert. He shares stories from his start as a professional musician and transitioning to entrepreneurship. He also shares his knowledge on creating successful online sales marketing funnels ...
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Episode 121: Ben Bilbrough Interview
Ben Bilbrough Interview - Small Business Advertising
Episode Description: Advertising tips for small business owners with Ben Bilbrough, a serial entrepreneur and expert on local media advertisement. He shares his interesting journey and background, and marketing & advertisement tips & advice for small business owners. [Learn more about ...
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Episode 109: Neil Berman Interview
Neil Berman Interview - E-Mail Marketing
Episode Description: E-Mail Marketing with Neil Berman, an entrepreneur, speaker, and blog author. Neil shares his entrepreneurial journey, and how to use email marketing to grow your small business. [Learn more about Neil] Neil is an entrepreneur, speaker, blog author and the founder of Delivra, an ...
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Paul Hurley
Paul Hurley - Video Content Marketing for Your Small Business
Episode Description: Video Content Marketing for your small business with Paul Hurley, a business owner, author and social media expert. He is the founder of HandFace, one of the UK’s leading viral content companies. Paul shares his journey to starting his own ...
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Episode 090: Sharon Bolt
Sharon Bolt - Publicity & Public Relations for Small Business
Episode Description: Generating Publicity & Public Relations for your small business with Sharon Bolt. She she shares her entrepreneurial journey, and her advice & tips for small business on becoming an authority and leveraging publicity & PR to grow your business ...
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Julie Broad
Julie Broad - Personal Branding
Episode Description: Personal Branding with Julie Broad, an entrepreneur, real estate investor, speaker, trainer and author.  She shares her entrepreneurial journey, building a personal brand, and tips & advice for small business owners. [Learn more about Julie] Julie is has an MBA, is ...
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Doren Aldana
Doren Aldana - Trust-Based Marketing
Episode Description: Trust-Based Marketing for solopreneurs and small business owners with Doren Aldana, an entrepreneur and marketing expert. Doren shares his interesting entrepreneurial journey, an introduction to Trust-Based Marketing, and other tips & advice to help us better connect with our clients and ...
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Episode 079: Joe Apfelbaum
Joe Apfelbaum - Digital Marketing
Episode Description: Digital Marketing with Joe Apfelbaum, an entrepreneur and co-founder of Ajax Union - a digital marketing agency. He shares his entrepreneurial journey, insights into starting & growing a business, social media and digital marketing for small business, and other tips & advice. ...
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Erika Montgomery
Erika Montgomery - Entrepreneurship & Marketing
Episode Description: Marketing for small business owners with Erika Taylor Montgomery, entrepreneur, author and founder of Three Girls Media. She shares stories from her career, and the events that led her to start her own business. She also shares tips & ...
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Kyra Reed
Kyra Reed - Social Media
Episode Description: Social Media Marketing with Kyra Reed, an entrepreneur and  the Co-founder and Head of Social Brand Innovation & Community for Made to Order - a full-service social media agency. She shares her entrepreneur story, how she came to launch her agency, and valuable advice ...
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Episode 020: Marketing Planning
Topic: Introduction to Marketing Planning
Episode Description: Marketing Planning for your small business with Henry Lopez and David Begin, Henry and David discuss the basics Marketing Planning for small business owner. Show Notes:
Episode 012: Call to Action Marketing
Topic: Call-to-Action Marketing for Small Business
Episode Description: Call-To-Action Marketing for small business with Henry Lopez and David Begin. Henry and David discuss Call to Action marketing methods and techniques for small businesses. Show Notes:
Tom Nunez
Tom Nunez: Marketing Expert & Business Owner
Episode Description: Marketing for small business with Thomas (Tom) Nunez, President Elect of the Dallas Fort Worth American Marketing Association (DFW AMA), highly experienced marketing expert, consultant and business owner. Tom shares valuable marketing tips and advice for small business owners.  ...
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