Links to other services & resources for your small business:

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Marketing on a Budget

Valuable and affordable Marketing resources for small business owners from our friends at Melissa Forziat Events. [learn more]


Lease Smart

Commercial Lease Services

Site Selection & Commercial Space Lease Services. Before your sign your next commercial space lease, get the advice you need to save money and avoid problems that can hurt your small business and your personal finances. [learn more]



Business Contracts

Business Contract Templates for all your small business needs, from The Contract Shop. [learn more]


Business Branding

Logos, Websites, and more from 99Designs. They are the world’s largest graphic design marketplace, and has helped more than 225,000 businesses access quality design at an affordable price.
We have personally used 99Designs to help us with the creation of several logos, including the iTopIt logo and the Levante Business Group logo. [learn more]




Website Hosting

Website hosting services for your small business.
We use HostGator to host our websites. [learn more]


 Oostas Small Business Solutions

Small Business Solutions

SPECIAL OFFER: Free 1-Hour of Virtual Assistant Services!

Oostas is the One-Stop-Shop for startup and small businesses. They offer the widest variety of solutions for small businesses out there. Instead of outsourcing all your business needs to different vendors, Oostas is your one-stop-shop for all your business needs.

They offer website solutions, marketing solutions and office solutions. Products and services can be purchased in packages or a la carte. They help you focus on your work while providing everything you need in the front and back end of your business. [learn more]

 Program Insurance Group

Insurance Services

Insurance solutions for small business owners. Receive a FREE Consultation to review your business and personal liability coverage.

[learn more]

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