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Tim Meuchel – The 10 Factor

Episode Description:

Entrepreneurial story and The 10 Factor for small business growth with Tim Meuchel. Tim is an entrepreneur, bestselling author and podcast host. He shares the 10-Month Success Blueprint (starting at 38:00) to help consultants and entrepreneurs create a thriving small business built around their ideal lifestyle.  He is the author of the book “The 10 Factor: From Struggling to Thriving Business in Ten Months”, and the host of the podcast “The 10 Factor: From Struggling to Thriving Business”.

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Tim Meuchel is the creator, bestselling author, and podcast host of The 10 Factor. Using his 10-Month Success Blueprint, Tim helps consultants and entrepreneurs create a thriving business built around their ideal lifestyle. Like many successful entrepreneurs, Tim failed his way to success. In 2008, he lost $334,200 after resigning from a twelve-year corporate management career to pursue his

side business full-time. His business grew exponentially, but one bad business deal left Tim’s company almost bankrupt. Tapping into emergency funds, he fought back and restructured the business; resulting in a new profit producing model requiring less than 40% effort.

Seeing an opportunity to give back and help other struggling entrepreneurs, Tim reverse engineered his

process, validated it with top entrepreneurs, and created a 10-Month Roadmap – The 10 Factor. Now, Tim can enjoy the life he dreamed with his three children while helping other entrepreneurs with kids do the same.

Tim lives in the Baltimore, Maryland Area.


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