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Mark Daoust – Buying & Selling an Online Business

Episode Description:

Buying & Selling an Online Business (21:48) with Mark Daoust, the founder and owner of Quiet Light Brokerage. She shares stories from his entrepreneurial journey, and his philosophies on how to run and grow a small business. Then we get into the topic of Buying and Selling an Online Business (starting at 21:48), including what makes for a successful online business and how to make sure it can be sold. Mark introduces the four key drivers of value for an online business, and why buying an existing business may be better than trying to build your own.

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Mark Daoust is the founder and owner of Quiet Light Brokerage. Mark founded the Quiet Light Brokerage in 2007 after assisting a close friend to sell his website for a dramatically higher price than most other websites were even daring to ask at the time.  Since then, Mark has helped hundreds of online small business owners to maximize the value of their websites and to divest themselves of their business in the most profitable way possible.  In part, Mark has achieved this by embracing a philosophy of reckless honesty.  That is to say, he believes that chasing the most money for himself at the expense of honesty winds up costing much more in the long run.

Mark lives in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area.



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