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Viv and Tash – Instagram for Small Business

Episode Description:

In this episode we interview Viv and Tash, two millennial entrepreneurs and Instagram marketing experts. Viv Conway and Tash Meys share their journey, including starting a business while still in college. We chat about their views as millennial business owners, and how they are helping small business owners use Instagram for marketing.

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Viv and Tash are two millennials on a mission to help everyone reap the infinite benefits
of Instagram. Viv Conway and Tash Meys (maze) have over 200k net followers on
their personal Instagram’s and have worked with clients with 70 followers to 1.9 million
followers across Australia, the USA, and New Zealand.

They have discovered firsthand how building a dedicated Instagram following can
significantly accelerate the success of your personal brand and small business.
Tash is an Instagram influencer who has created content and worked on campaigns
with multiple brands across New Zealand, Australia and America. She uses her skills in
content creation to create “thumb stopping” creative Instagram pictures for your brands’
Instagram – and she can teach you her tricks of the trade.

Viv successfully built her own sportswear brand on Instagram. Through her own
experience, Viv learned the best techniques for influencer marketing and has grown
multiple accounts from zero to 30k in less than a year.

Their current business is Ace The Gram, and they are the hosts of the “Ace the Gram” podcast show.

Viv & Tash live in New Zealand.


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