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Craig Melby Interview – generic accutane 10mg Bad Commercial Lease Review


dove comprare Viagra generico 200 mg a Milano Episode Description:

In this episode we interview  follow site Craig Melby, a small business owner and experienced commercial real estate investor and agent, and discuss the leasing options we missed with one of our failed businesses. He currently specializes in helping other small business owners find and negotiate the best commercial space agreement possible. He is also the host of the purchase viagra LeaseSmart Commercial Real Estate Podcast and the author of “ Come acquistare cialis senza ricetta, Site Rite: Practical ways to boost profits with the right site and best terms!” Craig was previously a guest on our show back on source site episode 43.

 About Craig Melby:

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craig-melbyCraig is an entrepreneur and has been viagra samples negotiating commercial real estate leases and purchases since 1980. He founded free viagra sample LeaseSmart after hearing from too many non-clients who contacted him AFTER they negotiated their deal-terms, then asked him to look over the lease before signing it. Always, things could have been done much better. Many times IMPORTANT things. So finally, after experiencing the same need again and again, he formed LeaseSmart to assist those small business people in need.

Craig holds real estate licenses in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. He is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), and a former member of the Society of Office and Industrial Realtors (SIOR). Craig’s specialties include Site Selection, Lease Negotiations and Facility Acquisitions.

canadian propecia buy online apotheke NeopostThe episode is sponsored by Neopost, and the Neopost IS-280 Postage Meter for small business. For a limited time, our listeners may get up to 6 months FREE by using promo code – HOW! Visit and enter your zip code to see if you qualify, followed by the promo code HOW. 

Show Notes:

  • Craig chats with Henry to review the lease and site location mistakes Henry made with a failed business location. Craig shares valuable tips on what to look for in a site, and what can possibly be negotiated into a commercial lease for a small business.
  • NOTE: Craig Melby and Henry Lopez are not attorneys, and we strongly suggest you consult with an attorney before signing any lease agreement.

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