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Episode Description:

In this episode we interview Stacey Brown Randall, a business owner and founder of Stacey Brown Randall and the Growth by Referrals program. She shares a unique approach to building your small business through referrals, and how to improve your productivity.

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Stacey RandallStacey is a solopreneur, Referral Marketing Strategist, Business Growth Accelerator, Productivity Coach, Adjunct Professor and the owner of Stacey Brown Randall and the Growth by Referrals program. She figured out how to grow her business and now works with other business owners to help them do the same. Her mission is to help people make more money and find more time. She is passionate about teaching you to understand referral marketing, client experience, business growth and being more productive.

As she explains…
• I am a member of the business failure club
• Champion of soloprenuers and small business owners
• Love working with people who have to develop and cultivate relationships to sell
• A gatherer not a hunter when it comes to cultivating new business
• I abhor cold calling (Will. Not. Do. It.)
• Anti-perfectionist…because no entrepreneur has time for perfection
• I truly believe you can create a referral explosion in your business

Stacey lives in the Charlotte, NC area with her husband, three children.

Show Notes:


  • “80% and go!”
  • After various career moves, including she started a Human Resources Consulting Firm.
  • Stacey shares the three secrets of the failure of her first business venture.
  • “I don’t make the best employee.”
  • “It’s not about B2B or B2C – it’s about H2H – Human to Human is where we build trust and become resources to our clients. Because it is at this place where cultivating referrals begins.”
  • Stacey explains what she means by “client experiences” and how they are a part of our business.
  • She shares her ideas about building your small business through referrals. Mastering the “Non-Ask Ask“.
  • Stacey also shares advice on how to improve productivity.


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