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In this episode we interview Joshua Latimer, an entrepreneur and owner of several business ( He shares the story of his entrepreneurial journey, how he has built virtual businesses that have allowed him to move his family to Costa Rica, and valuable tips & advice for small business owners.

About Joshua Latimer:

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Joshua LatimerJoshua left a safe a secure job at JP Morgan Chase bank to start his first business, a local cleaning business.

After two years of struggle Joshua started to figure it out. After implementing systems in his business he tripled his revenue in one single year! From that day forward he continued to build an automated “machine” that did over $150,000 a month in the busy seasons without him working in the business personally.

Joshua has a passion to help small businesses understand the power of systems and automation in their business.
In early 2015 Joshua sold his company to a buyer from California and moved to Costa Rica with his high school sweetheart and 4 children.

Joshua is the founder of, an online training platform for small local service businesses as well as a follow up automation tool for busy professionals and


Show Notes:

  • Joshua has recently moved his entire family to Costa Rica, and after selling his traditional bricks-and-mortar, he is concentrating on developing businesses that allow him the freedom of location.
  • He enjoyed a successful career selling financial products, before transitioning to becoming his own boss.
  • “I was contributing my excellence to build someone else’s dream, and not my own.”
  • “Don’t despise small beginnings.” Advice from Joshua’s mom. But you slowly need to shift your thinking into the mindset of an executive…becoming the CEO of your company.
  • The question is not “how do I deploy systems in my business”, instead the question should be “is the way we are currently executing within our business serve us best?”
  • He explains that we must be intentional (what is your why) to effectively operate a business.
  • Be relational-minded, versus transaction-minded in your small business.
  • Joshua shares the challenges of remotely managing a virtual business. They use Trello to help communicate among their remote team.
  • A key to his success has been his grit! “The war of business is fought between your ears!”
  • Always focus on higher level things (delegate other tasks).
  • Joshua recommends that you never give up!


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