The How of Business Podcast

This podcast is focused on helping you start, run and grow your small business. The show offers practical advice, tips and techniques for existing business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Weekly episodes include discussions by co-hosts Henry Lopez and David Begin of small business topics, and interviews with other successful entrepreneurs and professionals. [read more]

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Michelle Evans
Michelle Evans Interview - Strategic Marketing Funnels 
Episode Description: In this episode we interview Michelle Evans, an entrepreneur, marketing expert and podcaster. She helps her small business clients develop their effective Strategic Marketing Funnels, and in this episode she breaks this down step by step. Michelle also shares how ...
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Episode 211: Ron Carucci
Ron Carucci Interview - Powerful Business Owners
Episode Description: In this episode we interview Ron Carucci, an entrepreneur and author. Ron shares his journey to starting his own firm, and how we can become Powerful small business owners. To grow our small businesses, we need to leverage and ...
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Adam Kirk
Adam Kirk Interview - SSL Certificate for Your Website Episode Description: In this episode we interview Adam Kirk, an entrepreneur and small business marketing expert. Adam shares his interesting background, what led him to launch his business, and then we chat about SSL Certificates - what are they and ...
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Episode 209: Pete Williams
Pete Williams Interview - 7 Levers for Small Business Growth Episode Description: In this episode we interview Pete Williams, an entrepreneur, adviser, marketer and the author of "Cadence - A Tale of Fast Business Growth". Pete shares his unique entrepreneurial journey - from Australia, to working for an athletic shoe ...
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Episode 000
Duration: 10 minutes

Topic: Introduction to The How of Business Podcast

Episode Description:

In this episode Henry Lopez and David Begin introduce themselves and The How of Business podcast. Typical episodes will be between 30 and 45 minutes long, and we will release at least one new episode every Monday morning. Our intended audience is anyone who dreams or plans to become their own boss, and existing small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Henry Lopez David Begin
Henry Lopez David Begin

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Episode 001
Duration: 37 minutes

Topic: Ready to be your own boss?

Starting Your Business

Episode Description:

In this episode Henry and David begin to discuss the big topic of being ready to become your own boss. They share their experiences transitioning from the corporate world to becoming small business owners. Are you ready to become your own boss?

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Episode 004
Duration: 41 minutes

Topic: Ideation


Episode Description:

In this episode we discuss Ideation – the process of creating and developing new business ideas. How do you develop new business ideas, and then how do you prove and execute that idea to develop a successful business? 

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