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Henry Lopez

Henry Lopez

Business Coaching with Henry Lopez, serial entrepreneur and co-host of The How of Business podcast. Henry can help you…

  • Develop Your Business Idea
  • Start Your Business
  • Manage Your Business
  • Grow Your Business


A Business Coach can help you get started with becoming your own boss, and provide guidance as you develop and grow your small business. Entrepreneurship can often be a lonely pursuit, and a good Coach is someone who understands what your are going through and helps you ask the right questions.

Your Business Coach is also someone who helps to keep you accountable and consistently focused on the next step towards achieving your goals. 


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It’s free, and there is no obligation to continue after this initial 30-minute consultation. It’s a great opportunity to meet Henry Lopez (online over Skype), and decide if he can help you start or grow your small business.

Henry Lopez, a serial entrepreneur, Business Coach, and co-host of The How of Business podcast, offers private Business Coaching sessions to help you start and grow you small business. From helping you develop your idea for a new business, to growing your existing company, Henry can offer valuable guidance, advice and coaching to help you achieve success.

Henry has over 34 years of diverse business ownership and management experience. He has helped numerous business mentoring and coaching clients launch, manage and expand their small businesses.

Henry takes a positive approach to working with his clients and has a unique ability for helping you ask the right questions, keeping you accountable, and helping you achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

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Henry’s areas of expertise include:

  • Small Business Startup
  • Business Plans
  • Business Systems
  • Business Operations
  • Sales Force Enablement
  • Delivering Remarkable Customer Service
  • Financial Management & Planning
  • Buying & Selling a Small Business
  • Franchising

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Client Testimonials

“He was very empathetic to my issues and gave me specific steps for implementation” – Rachel

“Henry was able to drill down to ascertain where I wanted to go. He quickly identified next steps.” – David

I would recommend Henry Lopez because of his “versatility, caring, and professionalism of Henry Lopez as a mentor. His suggestions were on-point, and centered around items that I could accomplish in the short-term, and not be overwhelmed with. His active listening style made our time together collaborative and hopeful.” – Kelly

“I liked that Henry did not drown me in, ‘what I would do’ stories but that he asked relevant questions and made me think about the answers I was giving and why.” – Cynthia

“Your presentation style was very engaging and I’m sure the entire class benefited.” – Steve

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