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Topic: Customer Service Manifesto (Short Special Episode)

Episode Description:

A Manifesto is a public declaration of policy and aims. It’s a policy statement or a mission statement.  It’s also a declaration, proclamation, pronouncement, or announcement. A Customer Service Manifesto serves as the standard and guidelines by which we operate our business in order to deliver consistently remarkable customer experiences. It’s what we believe in, and what we stand for as it relates to how we will run our business.

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Show Notes:

  • Henry shares his customer service experiences during a trip to Miami, Florida. Miami is not usually known as a place where great service is expected, so when a business does deliver great service it stands out. You can read more about this experience here.
  • At our self-serve frozen desserts restaurant, iTopIt, we focus on delivering consistently remarkable customer experiences. At the heart of executing on this customer promise is our culture, and that culture is partly defined by our Customer Service Manifesto.
  • In this episode Henry introduces the “6 Steps to Deliver Remarkable Service” in a small business environment:
    • It Starts and Ends at the Top – This is where the Manifesto plays an important role. You, as the owners of your business, must truly believe in the value of delivering remarkable customer service. If you don’t believe it and act on it on a daily basis, then your staff will quickly figure out that you are not serious about it.
    • Culture – Culture is a living, breathing organism that needs to be supported and nurtured. It evolves over time, but the core tenets should never waiver (which are articulated in your Manifesto).
    • Systems – Systems are the ways in which a company’s culture is carried out consistently and repeatedly. It’s how every staff member in your small business is able to execute on your mission of delivering remarkable customer service.
    • Employees – You must attract, hire, train and develop the right type of staff members who will execute on your plans and buy into your mission.
    • Listen & Measure – Continually measure how your business is performing, and listen to the input and feedback from your customers and employees.
    • Execute Consistently – This is the hardest part. All of these components must be congruent and together they allow your small business to deliver remarkable experiences for your clients and customers.
  • You can find our complete iTopIt Customer Experience Manifesto here.

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