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“The How of Business” podcast is focused on helping small business owners start, run and grow their business. This podcast series provides practical advice, tips and techniques for our listeners. This series presents a mix of small business topic discussions by Henry Lopez and David Begin, and interviews with other successful business owners and professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with our audience of entrepreneurs. Most of our episodes are about 30 to 45 minutes long. [read more]

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Gila Kurtz
Gila Kurtz Interview - A Life Worth Barking About! Episode Description: In this episode we interview Gila Kurtz, an entrepreneur and author. She shares her interesting journey from school teacher to starting her dog training business. She now also helps small business owners create a life worth "barking" about ...
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Olivia Charlet
Olivia Charlet Interview - Mindset for Success
Episode Description: In this episode we interview Olivia Charlet, an entrepreneur, speaker and business & mindset coach. She shares her background, including her experiences living in different parts of the world, and tips and advice for developing a positive mindset for ...
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Luni Libes
Luni Libes Interview - Start-Up Tips & Advice
Episode Description: In this episode we interview Luni Libes, a serial entrepreneur, author and educator. He shares his diverse background including the founding of several successful technology companies, and valuable insights on starting a business. [Learn more about Luni] Luni ...
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Rachna Jain
Rachna Jain Interview - Profitable Popularity
Episode Description: In this episode we interview Dr. Rachna Jain, an entrepreneur, author, marketing consultant and speaker. She shares her diverse background, and practical advice to help you grow your small business through profitable online marketing. [Learn more about Rachna] Dr. Jain ...
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Lisa Cherry
Lisa Cherry Beaumont Interview - Discover Your Purpose
Episode Description: In this episode we interview Lisa Cherry Beaumont, an entrepreneur, author and Life Purpose Coach. She shares her personal journey, from the corporate world, to giving most of her things away, and then finding her calling as a ...
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Jennifer Martin
Jennifer Martin Interview - Working "On" Your Business
Episode Description: In this episode we interview Jennifer Martin, an entrepreneur, business coach, speaker and author. She shares her journey, including her time working for large corporations, to building a successful coaching business. [Learn more about Jennifer] Jennifer is an ...
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Peter Vekselman
Peter Vekselman Interview - Growing a Small Business
Episode Description: In this episode we interview Peter Vekselman, an entrepreneur, real estate investor and business coach. He shares his background, and valuable insights on how to grow a successful small business. [Learn more about Peter] Peter is an entrepreneur ...
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Kevin Nevels
Kevin Nevels Interview - Community Involvement Episode Description: In this episode we interview Kevin Nevels, a small business owner, a 5th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, a Taekwondo Certified Instructor, and the founder of Coppell Martial Arts and Taekwondo Training Center in Coppell, Texas. He shares his journey to becoming his ...
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Jamie Jay
Jamie Jay Interview - Small Business & Marketing
Episode Description: In this episode we interview Jaime Jay, an entrepreneur, podcaster, website developer, and marketer. He shares his interesting journey, his insights on starting and growing a small business, and tips & advice for marketing your business online. [Learn ...
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Episode 132: Steven Floyd Interview
Steven Floyd Interview - Certified Tax Coach
Episode Description: In this episode we interview Steven Floyd, a business owner, tax expert, author, and Certified Tax Coach. He shares his background, and provides practical tips & advice on tax planning for small business owners. [Learn more about Steven] Steven ...
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Episode 000
Duration: 10 minutes

Topic: Introduction to The How of Business Podcast

Episode Description:

In this episode Henry Lopez and David Begin introduce themselves and The How of Business podcast. Typical episodes will be between 30 and 45 minutes long, and we will release at least one new episode every Monday morning. Our intended audience is anyone who dreams or plans to become their own boss, and existing small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Henry Lopez David Begin
Henry Lopez David Begin

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Episode 001
Duration: 37 minutes

Topic: Ready to be your own boss?

Starting Your Business

Episode Description:

In this episode Henry and David begin to discuss the big topic of being ready to become your own boss. They share their experiences transitioning from the corporate world to becoming small business owners. Are you ready to become your own boss?

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Episode 024
Duration: 52 minutes

Tim Sanders Interview: Sales & Leadership Keynote Speaker and Author

Episode Description:

In this episode we interview Tim Sanders, Sales & Leadership Keynote Speaker and New York Times bestselling author of 5 books, including his latest book “Dealstorming“.

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Episode 004
Duration: 41 minutes

Topic: Ideation


Episode Description:

In this episode we discuss Ideation – the process of creating and developing new business ideas. How do you develop new business ideas, and then how do you prove and execute that idea to develop a successful business? 

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